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The web site El Mundo Sefarad has extensive lists of sites, information, photos and videos of Jewish heritage sites in Serbia and other countries of the former Yugoslavia Photographs (Historic & Contemporary) of Synagogues in Serbia International Jewish Cemetery Project Pages for Serbia The earliest Jewish settlers in Belgrade were Ashkenazi refugees from central Europe; there was a Jewish settlement here in the medieval period.

Today, Belgrade has a Jewish population of about 2,000 Synagogue ulica Marsala Birjuzova 19 Before World War II, Belgrade had three synagogues; only one remains.

This is an imposing but simple Ashkenazic synagogue, designed by Milan Schlang and erected in 1925 behind a gated wall in a good-sized yard. Today it is well maintained and used for regular services.

Photo documentation of the Synagogue in Belgrade Former Jewish Quarter Belgrade’s Jewish quarter was in the historic Dorcol neighbourhood, near the Danube.

Its main street, Jevrejska Ulica (Jewish Street), still exists, though there is little specifically Jewish about the area today.

A Moorish style synagogue was built there in 1908, designed by Milan Kapetanovic.

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