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but in my area only local made brands are available at medical shops which nvr convinced me…

could u galz plz name me a branded or trusted castor oil manufacturer????

m using olive oil mixed wth almond oil in 1:1 proportion to apply on my whole under eye area n very much satisfied with the results… not the entire eyebrow but the part you want to be thicker.

i shaved a tiny part that i wanted to be thicker like 4 times and after a few weeks it looked alot better 🙂 i think thats why i barely made tutorials now that i think about it :/ Reply I use coconut oil, works like a charm.

I use it on the lashes at night, keeps them thick and luscious.

I can imagine they would work the same on the brows.

I really want to make a quick inquiry in regards to the thickening of the Eyebrows.

I have heard applying olive oil on the eyebrows would help and I am doing it every night before bed.

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