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Danzig recently lost a lawsuit against founding guitarist Jerry Only and the rest of the band for not rewarding him royalties from merchandise sales through venues such as Hot Topic, etc.That decision probably doesn't hurt Danzig's ability to use the iconic makeup for whatever project he so chooses, but don't expect Only et al.

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Sometimes they appear in the form of a nightmare that wakes you up every night in a cold sweat with your heart thumping at 185 beats per minute. Then, we’re going to go out (drums start to pick up from out of nowhere) dannnnnciiiiinnnnngggg!!!!

For me, that nightmare is Glenn Danzig pinning a corsage to my teenage daughter’s dress as they leave for her high school prom. During this section of the dream, he sings everything he says in a sinister, baritone voice) “We were in…Hotttttt Topicccc….we started….talkkkkkkking….. ” I try to change the subject to something less threatening. ” Danzig just laughs and stares off into the distance.

It is certainly a preposterous thing to be afraid of, but most fear has an element of the absurd to it. Of course, my daughter is two years old right now and Danzig is 56, so there is a bit of an age difference. If you want to find hell with me…I can show you what it’s like” Ehhhhh! She said she likes Gothic Roccckkkkk…..” I puff out my chest and try to pull off the intimidating, “make sure and have my daughter home by midnight or else” dad act. The room is filled with three minutes of icy, uncomfortable silence.

A Misfits reunion might not be in the cards, but former frontman Glenn Danzig reuniting with his iconic makeup from that band happened for the first time in 35 years this weekend.

The performer posted an image on Twitter of himself as the "Crimson Skull" persona, noting that it was the first time 1979 or 1980 that he had worn the makeup (from "Much more malevolent," he noted.

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