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Has Ubuntu disappeared from your Windows Boot Manager list after installing it with Wubi?

Here’s how you can quickly restore it and use your Ubuntu as before.

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However, several different things can mess up this boot screen.

If you ever install a different boot loader, restore your Windows Setup from a boot disk, or reinstall Windows, your Ubuntu link will disappear.

What’s worse, there’s no apparent way to add it back to Windows.

Even though the Ubuntu files are still on your hard drive, you won’t be able to restore them to the boot list from Windows tool or from the Wubi Installer.

But, with the Easy BCD tool and a little Command Prompt tweaking, you can get your Wubi Ubuntu restored and ready to use again. Add Wubi to the Windows Boot Loader with Easy BCD If you don’t already have Easy BCD installed, download and install it as normal (, and then exit the program.

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