Tips for blind dating

If you have ever been on a blind date then you will understand the tensions and anticipations that it comes with meeting a new guy trying too hard to impress you.With so many horror stories about blind dating it is no wonder why many people are turned off by it not being able to break the ice and retreat to the internet to find love.

Sadly it is the perfect platform for people misrepresenting their true self. Unlike internet dating, breaking the ice on a bind date is challenging; two people who had no prior knowledge that the other even existed are drawn together in what maybe their friends or relatives hope is a match made in heaven.

You ask yourselves a list of questions like what does the date looks like and if you will enjoy each other’s company.

People cringe at the thought of blind dating because of the heightened expectations, the questions that arises with it and the overall bad experiences surrounding it. Do not expect to find the man of your dreams or one who meets all the requirements that you have listed mentally.

Approach it as a period where personality at present is looked into rather than what the future holds.

Ask yourself if he is a potential friend rather than if he is a potential husband.

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