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There are no meats, fruits, vegetables, or breads here.

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The first morning my kitchen looked more like a chemistry lab than a cookery, but I eventually ended up with an thick, odorless, beige liquid. At the time I didn’t know if it was going to kill me or give me superpowers.

I held my nose and tepidly lifted it to my mouth, expecting an awful taste. I felt like I’d just had the best breakfast of my life.

It tasted like a sweet, succulent, hearty meal in a glass, which is what it is, I suppose.

It is an enormous market full of waste, regulation, and biased allocation with serious geo-political implications. In some countries people are dying of obesity, others starvation.

In my own life I resented the time, money, and effort the purchase, preparation, consumption, and clean-up of food was consuming.

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