Sylvester stallone and dolly parton dating

Dolly Parton credits Sylvester Stallone with saving her from suicide - because he helped cheer her up when she was at her lowest. Every day I thought, 'I wish I had the nerve to kill myself.'" And then, along came Stallone: "Even though the movie didn't do that well, that was one of my greatest projects because Stallone was so full of life and so crazy and funny, and he made me laugh a lot, which was really healthy for me.

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Freddie accepts Jake's bet, putting up the remainder of Jake's contract (if she wins the bet, the contract becomes void; if she loses, another five years will be added).

He then ups the ante: if Jake loses, she must also sleep with him.

The problem is that Freddie can select the man, and he selects an obnoxious New York cabbie named Nick Martinelli (Sylvester Stallone).

Nick not only has no musical talent whatsoever, he claims to hate country music "worse than liver".

Realizing she is stuck with Nick, she takes him back to her home in Tennessee to teach him how to walk, talk and behave like a real Country star.

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