Singles dating in jackson mississippi

I was born and raised in California, so I'm not the "Mississippi norm", but I don't bring this attitude of being a Californian on my shoulders. I've met a bunch of people on bike rides, runs, swims, etc that are pretty cool, but all are married. So not only does it seem difficult to find a date around here, but it's hard to make any single friends as well.The married couples I know seem to only do group things with other married couples.I've met some single friends here, but they always end up moving out of the state or out of the country.

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Is MS really just a bad place for active, adventurous singles who aren't into partying, or am i missing something?

Just making sure I haven't exhausted all my resources. It appears that all of my high school friends who graduated and stayed around central MS all got married, had kids, and some are already getting a divorce. And the ones that are married love to talk about their married life, and they ask why am I'm not married yet. I tell them about my active social life and that I'm just not in the mood to marry someone to settle down.

It'd be nice to meet some single active females here, or male friends who aren't tied down who do the types of things I like to do. If I get married, she had better be as active or more active than me.

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