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For now, the Cartwheel app and its associated Perks program are only available to in-store shoppers but the company said it is considering linking online purchases with points as well.Though Target did not disclose its plan for rolling out Perks to other areas, the test represents a noticeable shift for Target, which has never offered a points-based rewards program outside of a small test in Raleigh-Durham.There, the company trialed a separate mobile application called Red Perks, but those users will eventually be transitioned to Cartwheel Perks.

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The company would also like to personalize the offers its presents to every individual at some point.

Of course, there's also this: Baeb said Cartwheel has found outsized favor with millennials, a bunch not often associated with coupon-clipping and that has no qualms about shopping online.

Encouraging loyalty among this crowd seems key to bolstering sales in an increasingly challenging retail market, one where Amazon owns the ever-expanding realm of e-commerce.

Target has introduced a way for in-store shoppers to rack up points from purchases through an experimental customer loyalty program.

Called "Cartwheel Perks," the program is now being offered to people in the San Diego, Denver, Houston and St. Perks rewards Target shoppers with 10 points for every dollar spent in stores and is part of the retailer's 3-year-old Cartwheel mobile app.

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