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People tend to form emotional attachments & relationships with teammates they work in close proximity to.

Around the world — “Workplace Romance” in the Call Center is common.

A 2013 Study by UK online dating site Elite of nearly 2,000 CSRs found more than 40% admitting to having had a “hookup” with a coworker – and 20% admitted to having had more than one “Office Romance”.

You may want to Windex the photocopier — Febreze your desk — and Fantastik the heck out of the conference room table more often.

Customer Service & Support Call Centers are youthful work environments.

A recent Avaya “Voice of the Contact Center Agent” Survey of nearly 1,000 Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) found that 62% of workers were under the age of 35 — nearly 50% were under the age of 29 – and 22% of employees were between the ages of 18 to 24.

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