Russian dating dominant girls

A common belief in the manosphere is that men in Russia or Ukraine are super alpha and should be held up as examples for Western men on how to act. For example: —Most are momma boys who are unable to cut the cord.

Slavic men give a great veneer of alpha to a Western observer witnessing a stoic ugly dude with stiff body language walking with a hot girl, but if you dig deeper, you’ll find several beta traits.

After living in Russia and Ukraine for over 9 months, I can safely state that the picture is more complicated than that.

You also won’t find a Russian man decide to up and move to another country for no other reason than YOLO like many Westerners. They are not as profuse as Spanish and Italian men, but they are more compliment heavy than Western men.

Many of them use compliments or drink buying to get conversations in the club started, with obviously no guarantee of success.

—They regularly buy their women flowers and chocolates.

Because of that, girls get annoyed when I don’t do the same since it’s such a common behavior.

You’re supposed to do it just because, not only for special occasions. It’s quite common for relationships in this part of the world to start as friendship.

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