Rpg maker vx dating sim

Before I start on any serious projects, I want to start on a very short dating sim game.This dating sim game will be featuring four characters: 1 - Rai Akegata: The nice guy; Easily embarrassed; Push-over 2 - Souta Kumori: The flirt; casanova; joker 3 - Tomo Chiyoko: The quiet and reserved; Kuudere 4 - Taizo Zekkyoukoe: The tsundere; clumsy At the beginning of the game, you have an option to choose from these four boys to go on a date with. While I personally don't like Otome Games (I prefer Galge and Eroge) it's not a bad idea to start off with to get some experience.

It makes it a bit more interesting than being able to pick right away. Don't get caught up making more features for your game just because you want it to be interesting. Also a dating sim as a first game is only good practice if you're making games in the future that only use story and dialogue.

Though I imagine if you integrate the stat side more you can get versatile.

But still if your next game is gonna be an RPG its better to start off with a very simple RPG.

That aside I don't recommend expanding on it more for the reasons listed, unless you're expanding on the description you have posted here.

But I do agree with Fafnirs idea of choice determining who you end up dating. Maybe it's that each player experiences a different, personalized gaming experience due thanks to all the choices available.

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