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Story The story for Persona 4 isn’t the best, it’s about a bunch of high school kids trying to solve a series of mysterious murders, and as they get closer, new kids join up with them.It’s not a bad story, it certainly has it’s twists and turns, but it’s also a fairly bland story, it’s simple and the various twists aren’t hard to figure out.The real appeal of the writing comes from the improved Social Links.

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They didn’t fix the problem of “If you want to date multiple women, just max out each social link one at a time”, you can still do that, but they added a platonic option for the women Social Links, so you don’t have to romance them if you don’t want to, which I actually love.

The writing is in general a lot better, all the characters you can interact with feel very real.

With improved Social aspects, brings weaker dungeon mechanics.

Persona stems from the Shin Megami Tensei series, a title known for it's very difficult and remarkable battles, but Persona 4 pulls away from it's origins with very basic combat and improved social links.

I honestly like Persona 4 as a whole, but it appeals more to people who aren't familiar with SMT, and are more interested in the Social Links mechanics.

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