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Do you think that Rhian is the best choice to replace Marian? Rhian Ramos and KC Montero decided to end their romance! “Sometimes, even if you go through something difficult or as weird as a breakup, ang worth it talaga, yung person. In the story, a large asteroid is approaching Earth, endangering the lives of all of its inhabitants. How people go about their business during these trying times is the pivot of the series.!

Actress Rhian Ramos and Radio/Tv host KC Montero decided to end their 1 year and 9 months relationship. “I mean, hindi naman yung nagkikita kami sa work, tapos awkward—ayaw namin. But even before that happens, Earth is already on the brink of an apocalypse due to natural calamities (e.g. This will be another mark in Philippine television history since the period teleserye will revolve in the time when Spaniards are in power in the country.

According to Kapuso actress, they are still in good terms after their break-up. The teleserye will be directed by ABS-CBN director Dondon Santos who directed the “Rhian Ramos is back into dating after her tumultuous break-up with Mo Twister!

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