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Lawyers Irwin Mitchell, which commissioned the research revealing that one in five people are considering separating from their partner after agreeing to stay together over the festive period, also revealed divorce instructions rose by 27 per cent across January last year compared to an average month.The Ministry of Justice said the number of people who read the divorce pages on the Government’s website was 79 per cent higher in January 2014 than the previous month.Family justice minister Simon Hughes said: “If people are unable to make their marriage work then they should use mediation rather than fighting expensive and drawn-out court battles over their children or finances.“We know mediation works.

Is not very active in big metropolises like Los Angeles, New York City, Miami & Houston, the only reason why it’s not ranked first is because most of its users, I’d say roughly 75%, are men.

Which means that, as a man, you’ll have to dig into the remaining 25% and get your email wizard on to get good results.

For around a dozen dates, I sealed the deal with 5 of them.

LAWYERS braced themselves for the first day back at work after New Year’s, also known as divorce day, when enquiries reach a peak every year.

A surge of married couples planned to split up after the Christmas break after being forced to spend the festive period in each other’s pockets.

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