dating again in your forties - Problems with facebook mobile updating status

Pity the poor brands that struggled to deliver you piping hot content all day — this one included. The error message read: "There was a problem updating your status.A number of news outlets and other companies running official pages on Facebook were unable to post or schedule posts all Wednesday Australian time, although posting to personal pages appeared to be unaffected. Please try again in a few minutes." For Mashable, the bug has affected pages in the U. Desperate to continue pushing out memes, some outlets used Facebook on mobile to post the precious links — one tactic that worked.The social media team at the Guardian Australia told Mashable Australia they had been having similar problems.

We've certainly noticed a drop off in reading material on Facebook today and we're aware of a few brands that have been hit by the outage," Kasi Reynolds, director at Sling & Stone, told Mashable Australia via email.

Update – As of the AM on September 11th, some of our users are still reporting seeing this bug.

We’re working with Facebook and hoping they’ll fix this as quickly as possible.

Over the weekend we heard from several of you about issues sharing with the Facebook i OS app and URLs with anchors, which Add This uses for click and address bar tracking.

Facebook seems to be using a kind of URL forwarder in the i OS app that isn’t correctly decoding the .

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