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The impending arrival of Canada's first tattooed, strip-teasing, amateur boxing, pro-marijuana prime minister has — not without reason — piqued the interest of political junkies at home and around the world. His father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, was partway through his first term as prime minister and had married Justin's mother, Margaret, earlier that year.Many of them turned to Google shortly after the Liberals painted the country red on Monday for details about Trudeau and the family (some say "dynasty") that will soon place a second of its members in the country's top job. The Trudeaus had two other children before separating in 1977.Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau was born two years to the day after his big brother — he is now a documentary filmmaker— and Michel Trudeau arrived on Oct. There were politicians on both sides of Justin Trudeau's family.

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At 43, Trudeau will be the second youngest prime minister in Canadian history, after Joe Clark, who was 39 when he toppled Pierre Trudeau in 1979.

Trudeau also has three half-siblings — Kyle Kemper and Alicia Kemper, from his mother's second marriage; and Sarah Coyne, whose mother, constitutional lawyer Deborah Coyne, was in a relationship with Pierre Trudeau for some 15 years.

The family tree has other notable if remote, branches.

Deborah Coyne — who made a run for the Liberal leadership before joining the Green Party as a policy adviser — was once married to veteran journalist Michael Valpy, and is a cousin of the National Post's Andrew Coyne.

Valpy and Andrew Coyne both contribute to, or appear on, CBC News.

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