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, not only do stars Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera play themselves, but director Nicholas Jasenovec casts an actor to play his own stand-in, who directs Yi on a voyage of romantic self-discovery.

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She did this magic routine where she does these magic tricks with lights and cards and then she asks the audience for money for the next trick.

So she gets a bunch of money and then she brings a volunteer on stage, and you're wondering what the trick's gonna be, and then she tells the volunteer, "I'll give you all this money if you punch me in the face." And then the routine becomes, "Are they or are they not gonna punch her in the face? It was really bizarre, I'd never seen anything like it.

Even in that comedy scene, where you see a lot of unique things, I'd never seen anyone like her.

She's so specific, too: She's this tiny, little, young-looking girl doing comedy in this alternative world.

And I think Bill [Hader] had told me, too, "You've gotta see Charlyne Yi." When he started performing, she was one of his favorites. It's fairly similar to the one in the film, I guess.

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