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Sir Walter Raleigh, from whom the City of Oaks gets its name, would be proud to see what his namesake city has become since its planned creation as the Tar Heel State’s capital.From the distinguished Doric columns of the Capitol to the downtown energy of Fayetteville Street, there are plenty of reasons why Raleigh is the fastest-growing city in North Carolina.Its greater metropolitan area has doubled its population in the last 40 years without losing its traditional charm—or famous oak trees! You should, however, be familiar with the parking regulations around your new address to best coordinate the unloading of your moving truck.

Check your route for tolls before hitting the road and make sure you have the correct payment method ready.

Avoid driving a moving truck during the busy commute times when moving to Raleigh.

Especially close to Downtown, streets get congested and you could wind up stuck in traffic for hours.

Most folks find prices here pretty steep, even those relocating from the East Coast.

Take your time when looking for housing and choose a neighborhood that’s close to your place of work or study.

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