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Hi, So, I recently had an issue with a program, used .

NET framework cleaner, which removed it, restarted, ran CC cleaner and what not, but I cannot install framework now.

If I try and install via Windows Update, just says: Code13EC - Windows update encountered an unknown error.

The system otherwise runs perfect without any issues, but I just don't see why this is occurring.

The problem users have is when you uninstall an app that uses . NET Framework nonsense happened to me two years ago.

You may or may not need the different versions if they are required by an app. To fix this, open Add/Remove Programs and attempt to remove all versions of . It's OK if any of them can't be removed but you need to try and remove all versions of . Net Framework, or a more general problem with installing Windows Updates, and the updates just happen to be for . I once tried to troubleshoot an XP install that had a broken 'something' (Windows Update maybe) and managed to remove all . I then re-installed them from one by one from Stand-alone packages, but never fixed the problem. I will answer this because he doesn't know and this . The instructions I gave are how I got rid of those updates. Net fixes yesterday after nothing for days, and immediately following Activation of XP and issues with Update and they seem genuine. Net 4.0)) and it is dated May 8th 2012 - another (for . I am guessing that these are Optional Updates and don't show up on a system that isn't Activated as they haven't come through on another un-Activated image.

I checked Add/Remove Programs and noticed that the cleanup tool had removed more (but not all) of the . You have to remove all the versions that can be removed. Basically, I am wondering if you have a problem with . They come out of nowhere and they will never install. The problem with them is they won't install and you can't get rid of them unless what I did to get rid of them is followed. I will try the Aaron Stebner steps listed by quietman7 if you all think it will do more good than harm.

So I figured that I wouldn't be able to remove any more versions using this method. NET Framework cleanup tool which ran for a while and then suddenly rebooted my computer. This time there were 10 updates --- only 2 of the ten installed successfully. You now see to have more failed updates than before - are they all related to . It is unclear to me from your posts if you tried to remove various version before or after Frank posted the link to the removal tool. • Originally, I had 7 updates, but after using the removal tool I had 10 updates (3 of which were successful), so now I'm back to 7 (that fail).

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