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A caretaker at the cemetery where Reyes’s parents are buried told local radio station DZBB that the ex-military chief visited the graves with his children and bodyguard on Tuesday morning.

“He asked his children and bodyguard to go ahead and wait for him in the car.

A few moments later they heard a gun fire, and he was on the ground holding a handgun,” said the caretaker, who was not named.

Reyes had been in the national spotlight after a former military budget officer accused him last week of siphoning off enormous amounts of money from state coffers while armed forces chief of staff in 20. Whatever I do, they are determined to bring me down, including my family,” Robles quoted Reyes as telling him recently.

He denied the allegations, but was scheduled to appear before a parliamentary inquiry on Tuesday to give his version of events. The Senate inquiry was led by Jose Estrada, the son of former president Joseph Estrada who was forced to stand down as the country’s leader mid-term amid a popular uprising.

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