Math speed dating

So I really like using Kate’s Speed Dating as a review, but I always had problems: 1) setting up classroom 2) getting the rotation correct 3) having one kid that doesn’t understand the problem he has, EVEN THOUGH I TOLD YOU TO ASK ME BECAUSE YOU WERE ABOUT TO BECOME THE EXPERT. Three to four minutes later, repeat until you make it back to original group.

4) Odd number of students 5) coming up with enough problems. Gave them four minutes to become the expert and I said I would answer questions at this time. In all my classes, all of my students were working on the problems and helping each other out THE ENTIRE TIME. And after, one class had time to start on their study guide and the conversation continued, which was awesome.

Last night I had an epiphany, I tried it out today, and it was GREAT! Last night, I didn’t have the mental ability to type the answers so they would come out on the correct card, so I just wrote them on the back. This also helped with odd numbering: there were some groups where someone was absent so it was only one person that was the “expert” left in that group, but it turned out ok; they never had to sit a round out because it was by groups.

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It also helped with the issue where the one kid doesn’t know how to do the problem.

Maybe this way if he hears the problem explained 7 times to different groups it will help!

🙂 The pairs worked great, too, they would talk to their original partner when starting, and if they got stuck, ask the other pair.

Plus I don’t know about you, but I’m much friendlier if I already know someone in a group rather than just being partnered with a stranger. And of course the miniwhiteboards are a must; everyone can see what everyone is doing so easily!

And of course you need this timer (as recommended by Julie) to keep them honest! If you’re reading this, you’ve made it through Monday.

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