Marriage for the family datings australia

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Data is taken from the first 14 waves of the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey, which were conducted between 20.

Information is presented on: lifetime fertility patterns, parental age at birth of first child across different cohorts, likelihood of having a child in any given year, characteristics of men and women at time of first birth, factors associated with decision of couples to have their first child, use of formal and informal child care by family type, expenditure on child care as proportion of income, use of grandparents for child care, characteristics of grandparents providing or not providing care, lone-parent families with dependent children, characteristics of lone mothers compared with partnered mothers, number of lone parents who have ever been legally or de facto married, lone-parent duration and partnering of lone parents, factors associated with partnering of lone parents, changes in wellbeing on becoming a lone parent, proportion of parents with children aged under 18 not living with their children, contact with non-resident children, nights per year children stay with non-resident parent, and changes in wellbeing on becoming separated from children, compared with changes for parents who remain partnered.

Is the institution of marriage still relevant to contemporary Australians?

This book, for students and the general public, introduces readers to the issues and debates concerning marriage in Australia today.

It explores marriage and partnering trends and also offers some general advice on how to overcome relationship difficulties and work at lasting couple relationships.

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