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He’d already paid some money to Jenny, as well as “a variety of different expenses”; it really seemed unnecessary to him that he should have to pay So anyway, long story short, we got into a tug of war, back and forth, on whether I owed or I didn’t owe.

Long story short, she threatened several times to take me to court.

And I don’t think that I owed her that 18 — or $15,000, whatever it was, for one second. I paid initially about $5,000, then she wanted more.

But I, frankly, couldn’t take another public spectacle. And what I’ll submit to you here is two things here in the month of October, one is my checking account, which was indeed pulled down to about $7,000, and I didn’t want to make a $5,000 payment at that time. “I’m renowned for being cheap,” he told the court, as Jenny well knew.

Because I said, look, I can do one or the other, but I can’t do both. “I want you to keep in mind, again, how she knows I’m cheap.

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