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The present invention is in the field of hook and loop fasteners, and more particularly this invention relates to hermaphrodite (sometimes called "bi-functional") hook and loop fasteners and to the method and system for producing such fasteners. There does not appear to be any commercially successful hermaphrodite hook and loop fastener on the market today.

One of the present inventors has previously invented hermaphrodite hook and loop fasteners as shown in U. The hermaphrodite hook and loop fasteners comprise a hook-receptive female loop-bearing substrate in whose surface are mounted a plurality of rows of upstanding male hooks.

These rows of upstanding hooks are oriented so that a very large proportion of the loops on the substrate remain undisturbed and exposed between the mounted rows of hooks and are available to provide strong attachment capability when mated with an opposed hook-bearing fastener.

To mold these hook-ribbons, a pressurized melt source of heated thermoplastic material injects the melted material into a continuously moving mold comprising a plurality of revolving mold bands.

The mold bands are temporarily held together in a layered configuration while they are travelling past an injection head of the pressurized melt source such that these layered mold bands define continuous, travelling mold cavities.

Each continuous mold cavity is a sequence of hook-forming recesses extending along one margin and a sequence of welding-projection-forming recesses extending along the other margin.

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A method is provided for making a hermaphrodite hook and loop fastener including the steps of molding a hook ribbon having mounting projections and shoulders on opposite sides of the hook ribbon, providing a separate flexible substrate, feeding a plurality of hook ribbons to a bonding station, orienting...

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