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You will see links that will take you to the US History Power Points and the US History lesson plans available in the unit as well as a blog article about them if you want to get ideas to help you create your own. It includes:3 levels of a vocabulary sheet that goes along with the mini-lesson Power Point with the same name. Introduction of African slaves into the Americas Exploration and Settlement of the NYS Area by the Dutch and the English Content: 1.

It includes ideas to connect to background knowledge and repetition of content using the MI Theory. Kinesthetic and interpersonal partner activity that has students walking from degree points on a classroom floor grid to their partner to find a point. 3 Practice worksheets on finding an absolute location as well as using a legend 4. Answer sheets for the 3 mapping worksheets I used this with special education inclusion and ELL inclusion and this worked great. Relationships between the colonists and the Native American Indians 2. The hierarchical nature of the community and family d.

The following vocabulary words are included: Grid, Latitude, Equator, Parallels, Degrees, Longitude, Prime Meridian, Meridians, Hemisphere, Compass Rose, Absolute Location, Legend Other sections of the lesson plan include: 1. Only a hand full of students had trouble with latitude and longitude points after this lesson plan which isn’t bad when you teach over 100. Similarities between the Europeans and Native American Indians a.

History and the Social Sciences: The Study of People Content: A.

History and the other social sciences provide a framework and methodology for a systematic study of human cultures 1. The other social sciences including anthropology, economic, geography, political science, psychology, and sociology B.

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