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after what she calls her own “spectacularly unsuccessful stint with online dating.” This humorous little guide for girls will not only make you laugh but give you some very cute info you can use on your online dating journey.She keeps it real, and my guess is that she was smiling the whole time she was making this.

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The simple girl doesn’t have an ex-spouse or children or any potential obstacles to a happily-ever-after scenario. It hurts like hell to be left for the simple girl, or more specifically the idea of her. There’s the door, and don’t let it hit you on your way out.” Why?

But next time I’m left for her I’ll say, “Here’s your hat. Because those of us who are complicated, intense or Intimidating are also brilliant, interesting and worth every moment of the time spent with us.

And it’s no surprise that we’re not looking for ordinary or average.

For a single girl, online dating can be a double-edged sword. Communication can be tough, especially in the beginning when you don’t have body language and eye contact to help you along when you’re trying to determine where you stand and if the other person is genuine.

On one hand, a whole new world opens up when you step outside the realm of people you meet everyday and onto the Internet where there is an endless number of guys to meet. Thank goodness there is now a guide for girls that can assist you with this sometimes complicated process.

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