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Of 663 rape cases decided between January 2014 and March 2015 by Delhi courts, 357 resulted in acquittals because the victims turned hostile during trial.

At least 71 rape complainants deposed that they had filed false cases under pressure from their family while 45 said the police forced them to file the FIR.

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Pressure could have been applied on them even after they had registered a case.

Retired Delhi High Court judge, RS Sodhi points a finger at the courts.

“Any woman says that I have filed a rape case under police pressure then the policeman should face consequences.

So for the court to not be vigilant and take action is actually a default on the judicial system.” Hindustan Times’ data analysis reveals that the courts neither took action against the police nor did they question families of those that alleged that they filed false complaints under pressure.

HT spoke to a rape complainant who said she’d filed the case after years of abuse but had to retract her testimony before the court under family pressure. The accused was close to my father and he knew I would listen to him.” the woman said.

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