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A bit of humour lightens the mood and makes it easier to introduce yourself or for him to talk to you, and everyone likes to be around someone funny. Ask for his help Men love playing the role of provider and protector, and they are always willing to lend a helping hand to a girl in distress.Ask him to help you with a problem at work or just ask him to unscrew the cap on a bottle, anything you can come up with, so he can show how manly he is, and it will help put you firmly on his radar. Play with your hair Guys are suckers for long luscious hair, so bring his attention to yours by running your fingers through it, when you talk to him.

If anything, keep the hard to get approach going (but don’t overdo it), that will attract him far more than desperation. Flirt and touch One of the best ways to spark a man’s desire and to get him to notice you is with some gentle touching and flirting.

When you are talking to him, touch him on his shoulder or on his arm, and he’ll open up to you quicker, than if you keep your distance.

Do you have some other tips on how to catch his attention without looking desperate?

If you’ve been trying to get the attention of a guy for a while, but with no success, don’t give up!

When you’ve exhausted all the tricks in the book that you know of and he still won’t take any notice of you, try some of these attention grabbing tips and, whatever you do, don’t look desperate: 1.

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