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," a Power Point presentation by the United States Office of Personnel Management.It covers finding federal jobs using (PSJD is also a great resource for finding federal government jobs! foreign affairs agency, focusing on achieving diplomacy around the world.), applying for jobs, resume writing, narrative statements, and changes to the federal hiring process. For a great resource to learn more about how and where this work is performed, visit Titles and Terminology for Federal Hiring Government Employment In a Picture...

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Below you will find additional information about the federal government hiring process. The federal civil service system includes all federal government employees except positions that are politically appointed and military positions in the uniformed services.

The civil service consists of i) competitive service positions; ii) excepted service positions; and iii) Senior Executive Service (SES) Positions.

The primary differences among these three services are in appointment procedures and in job protections.

, government officials are prohibited from considering candidates’ political affiliations when hiring for civil service positions.

In contrast, political appointees are selected by the President or Congress to serve in specified leadership positions. government employment is your goal and you engage in any illegal or questionable behavior, such as recreational drug use or inappropriate web postings, clean up your act!

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