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It seems these perspectives are mutually exclusive. Is it possible to start from a place of deep connection with someone, discuss your true desires for your romantic life (including marriage, children), and not scare them away?I really appreciate your insights as I have been so dissatisfied with dating at the surface, but it seems this is the recipe for eventually getting into a relationship.

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I just work from 9-, play with my kids from -, eat with my wife from 8-9, and after that, it’s TV, or fantasy sports, or a book by Jonathan Franzen or Donna Tartt. And while these folks are being honest and teasing me, they have a very valuable point. Being intense and going deep absolutely has a place in the universe.

Long story short, it’s dangerous for me to comment on a book I haven’t read, even if I suspect that I’d agree with Page on many things in principle. Long-term relationships can’t be solely based on common interests and great sex.

So let’s take a step back and look at this through a few different lenses. At the same time, the kind of intimacy you seek is something that tends to grow over months and years.

First I want to thank you for all your great work and insights.

I came across you only a few weeks ago but have since been devouring your material including your book, “Why He Disappeared.” In doing so, I’ve realized the major mistakes I’ve been making in dating.

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