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So feel free to spread the Bern, just don’t spam.” SWIPE RIGHT FOR BERNIE?The two women are not the only ones making unusual use of Tinder, better known as a "hook-up” app, as a campaign tool.

“Swiping right” is a colloquial reference to approving of a potential match on Tinder.

Gedrich said she got mixed responses from the 300 Tinder users who replied.

“Some people would ask what is this for, and I would kind of explain,” she said.

Two women - one from Iowa and the other from New Jersey - confirmed to Reuters on Friday that they received notices from Tinder in the previous 24 hours that their accounts were locked because they had been reported too many times for peppering men on the site with messages promoting Sanders’ candidacy.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Tinder is getting some women banned from the online dating app after sending campaign messages to prospective matches.

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