Dating tips for women under 20

When I ask them […] Read more She’s strong, powerful, successful, and driven.

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Think of all the daisies that had their petals torn off by girls (like myself) asking this all-important question.

It’s a haunting refrain that is continually asked by women of every age — “How do you know if […] Read more So you’re ready to get out there.

You’ve joined e Harmony, set up your profile, and now you’re looking for pictures.

Over the last several years, as an author, educator, and mentor of women, I have analyzed marriage from a multiplicity of angles—that is from material written by professional governmental, educational, and faith-based sociologists, scientists, and psychologists, as well as journalists, philosophers, and novelists.

What strikes me overall is how each source (regardless of the author’s […] Read more You are a powerful, smart, and driven woman.

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