X rated russian chat sites - Dating someone from a different social class

Had I been born into different circumstances, my life would have turned out differently.

I am hesitant to judge anyones value based on arguably elitist standards, which brings me to another point…what is my social class? I guess he falls into the “lower-middle class.” He’s into muscle cars and has the fastest “street legal” bike available. When he gave me a ride home last night, he was telling me to give my mom his number in case she needs anything while she’s in town taking care of my son while I’m in California.

I have experienced, in one way, shape, or form, every social class except for the “underclass” and the old-wealth capitalist class. He has a souped up Mustang with nitrous boosters in the trunk. I looked over at him while he’s saying this and noticed he has a baseball cap on backwards.

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This doesn't mean you are so different you can't be friends.

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