Dating for perants

An official announcement about Apple’s anticipated September i Phone event is expected sometime later this month, and a new detail has emerged that hints at when we might actually be getting our hands on the new i Phone 7 … While Apple has unveiled and released new i Phones in September since the i Phone 5 in 2012, prominent leaker Evleaks first surfaced the rumor that new i Phone models would hit stores on September 16 following a pre-order period starting on September 9.From there we speculate that Apple’s September event will likely be held on September 7, two days after Labor Day and two days before pre-orders.A new detail to consider comes in the form of a leaked AT&T retail schedule (below) detailing upcoming merchandising reset hours.

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This could suggest that advertising for pre-orders could be planned for September 9 as expected and new i Phone models could hit the floor on September 23, a week later than previously expected.

Put in historical context, both the September 16 and September 23 release dates are possible based on September 9 pre-orders.

In 2014, the i Phone 6 launched on September 19 after a September 12 pre-order (7 days); and in 2015, the i Phone 6s launched on September 25 after a September 12 pre-order (13 days) so either a one week or two week period between pre-orders and launch is possible.

Take both dates with a grain of salt, however, as Apple hasn’t yet officially announced its September event, and we’re told that AT&T regularly schedules these resets so it ultimately may not be indicative of anything i Phone-specific.

We are told, however, that store managers were informed that a ‘certain major phone’ will be released to the carrier on September 23, though that might have been speculation because that high level information doesn’t usually get disseminated so early.

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