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His tour in support of rolls through Boston this Tuesday at Brighton Music Hall, and once again he’s bringing along a another long time collaborator and former Subpop labelmate, Eric D. Between Cabic’s Vetiver, and Johnson; the charismatic, Supertramp-sounding lead singer and songwriter behind the freak-folk rock act Fruit Bats, this show is sure to make for a very chill evening of music.

We caught up with Andy Cabic to talk to him about his process for churning out new tunes, his assortment of musical connections, and how San Francisco has changed over the years since he first arrived.

Allston Pudding: Complete Strangers is your 6 release under Vetiver since like 2002, how has the band evolved to get to this record?

Having only been to San Francisco twice, I’ve only been able to grasp a few characteristics of the city. Just about every afternoon a cool breeze rolls in across the bay.

Someone from the city could probably tell you about the meteorology behind it, but all you really need to know is that it’s not always a nice cool ocean breeze, but instead often one brisk enough to make you realize you’re under-dressed—despite the fact that it might be August.

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