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See the following to see if you meet all the requirements: Only users that meet the criteria for Skill Gaming are permitted to access Skill Gaming Regions and participate in Skill Gaming in Second Life.

Participation is limited to residents who meet the following criteria: Note: If you believe you meet all requirements for access, but are still unable to enter a Skill Gaming Region, please try resubmitting your current billing information and re-logging into Second Life as a first step toward troubleshooting.

Please review the list of prohibited states below and your account status to see if you can participate.

Residents of the following states and countries may not participate in Skill Gaming in Second Life: No.

Approved games of skill will be permitted on Skill Gaming Regions, but this does not change our policy forbidding gambling (wagering on games of chance) in Second Life. Not all Second Life users will be able to access Skill Gaming Regions and we do not want to block residents from accessing any region on the Mainland, so we do not plan to permit the Skill Gaming Region designation for any portion of the Mainland at this time.

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