Dating a clinically depressed man

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Wherein the Other could be anybody outside society’s idea of what’s right or normal.

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Now I’m officially a postgraduate and I’ll be starting with my masters in February. The title (in English) is ‘The influence of power on the position of the Other: A philosophical-ecclesiastical perspective’.

I relied heavily on the ideas of Foucault, Levinas and Derrida. In his blog he tries to find the answers for the things he is struggling with. Not like the pretentious shit you get (I’m not innocent in this). I actually lead a mediocre life, while my friend does the exact opposite. One year we had all the family at our house for Christmas.

I guess, if I’m really honest, the reason I chose this topic is because I’ve always felt like an outsider. I feel as if I need to start writing for some cause. The “family” consisted mostly out of the sorry, knifing bunch on my father’s side.

I’ve never felt particularly normal or considered myself the epitome of society’s expectations. And needless to say- things are very messy at the moment. Though that year my maternal grandmother was also present, Ouma Issie.

Say I discover I have an odd looking rash on my arm. Also– my grandfather had a stroke and isn’t doing to well. Yesterday my mom asked to help put my grandfather to bed (he’s in a wheelchair now, and very weak) I couldn’t so I just fled the room. I have this need to be anywhere else but here at home, at the same time I am compelled to stay. Just as he saw my coming into this world, I owe it to him to see his exit, I guess. She was my favourite and ,though it’s probably wrong, I think I was hers too.

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