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Can anybody mount a reasonable defense for why this game should exist? How long can I last shooting these monsters in this maze? Yeah, ditto, as it's a bit of a warmed-over Gauntlet clone, but not as good.At least give me something to search for, or a reason to be in the maze to begin with. I remember paying for it (back then, that was expensive for a new game [hah, like twice that back in the Genesis days, before game companies went cd]) and, thanks to having Gauntlet experience, I was bored with it within a week.Yeah, ditto, as it's a bit of a warmed-over Gauntlet clone, but not as good. Just my $.02 If only there was just some *little thing* that made it look like you defeated Kong.

Some games in fact will have the lamest purpose of all. True, it has no seeming purpose, but if you think about it, this is not much different than the much beloved "Berzerk" in some respects, so I'd say just aprpeciate the challenge in this one and turn a blind eye to the purpose.

In fact, and I can't remember the title of this one, I remember playing a game years back in which the character's hat was stolen, and based on that proposition alone, the chartacter in question embarked on a major odyssey in order to get it's hat back. As for "Dark Chambers", this is one of the most plodding 2600 titles of all.

I played it out for nearly four hours once, achieving close to 500K, and basically it is a repetetive map which has two (2) key areas in which, if you mess up, can cause your entire game to come to an unexpectedly abrupt end. If you enter it with full energy, the doorway once shot turns into a health vial which you cannot pick up to get out, and since there are no monsters in the room, you're game is then over.

The other is a significant doorway monster generator which, once you're up to 400-500K, spews out monsters so fast that you do need a bomb to take care of the door or else you will never, ever, be able to shoot past it.

And you would be surprised at how fast you can rack up points by standing by the door and firing into it at near point-blank range..just doesn't help, that's all.

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