Dagestan girls dating

I have pretty much had it with them after that one diabolical man-hating, using, Black whore “girlfriend” who called herself “schoolteacher.” That cunt virtually charged me just to walk in her door whether we were going to fuck or not. On the not frequent occasions that we did fuck, that cost something called “dinner” = . If you’re a ‘fancy dinner’ whore, you’re still a whore because than this “girlfriend” and of course they were better fucks. Her attitude about men was, “All men are pigs and cheating dogs, and you can’t trust em for shit.

I haven’t touched a Black woman since ~1986, and I am through with them. You’re in pretty bad shape as a woman when whores look better than you do! This woman had absolute contempt for the entire Male Race.

If I wanted to walk in her door, that cost something called “breakfast” or “lunch,” always at a nice place like Red Onion. Then I was allowed to go back to her place and actually come inside her condo. After a while, I just thought of saying, “Look, let’s just forget the dinner and go to your place, I hand you the or put in on your bed-stand, and then we do it. And they didn’t charge a whole lot more than she did. They’re worthless, and they are only good for one thing.” And even for that one thing, the general idea is that males are walking ATM’s to be milked for as much money as you can possibly rip the dogs for.

She also had a horrible habit of making dates and then breaking them at the last minute for no reason, humiliating me and making me look like a fool to my friends. In return for stealing as much as you can from them, you will have to trade the pussy, but it’s a small tradeoff.

Relationships with men are basically worthless due to the dog nature of all males.

The only worthwhile relationships are with other Black females – our friends, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, and daughters, all of whom of course share the same attitude towards men that you see above.

After a lot of analysis, I figured out that she got this mindset from the Black women that were around her in her formative years, and I assume her Black female relatives felt the same way she did.

Then I started thinking that maybe this was the general attitude that most Black women had towards Black men, and I saw some evidence of that.

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