endpoint definitions not updating - Challenges of dating a beautiful woman

[Read: Questions you shouldn’t ask your man] #1 A gorgeous woman Now don’t get us wrong, looks are pretty high in the wishlist of things that men want in a woman.

But a drop dead gorgeous woman doesn’t really have to be born with a perfectly chiseled face and body crafted by the hands of the big guy on top when he’s high.

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Wear clothes that look good on you, and make an effort to look your best when you’re with him.

You could be fat or skinny, but as long as you put in an effort, you’ve got all the makings of a movie star, gorgeous!

#2 A confident woman We can’t stress this enough, but just understanding this one pointer can change a proverbial ugly duckling into the most beautiful princess overnight.

Do you want to be the super woman in your man’s life?

Or do you want to be the woman that all men desire?

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