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“They’re really great friends and I definitely think she’s going to try to get in touch with him, but it was a really traumatic thing that happened and I think that anyone would be really cut off from their friends.” Personally, Steele says she loves the Tariq-Kal love story and can’t wait to see more. “She takes everything really lightly but she does have some bad luck.

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She sang the hook on Kal’s single “Hard Times” (which is actually available for purchase on i Tunes and Amazon), and our lovely illegal immigrant (she still doesn’t have a work visa) could potentially head back into the studio for more.

Remember ‘Degrassi,’ everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure Canadian TV show?

Ever since The N (now Teen Nick) brought the drama-licious series to the States in the early 2000s, we’ve been hooked.

It might be the end of Abby (Cassie Steele) and Nick (Joe Di Nicol) on “The L. Complex,” but there are more romantic encounters in store for The CW’s aspiring actress.

Steele promises Zap2it that Abby will seek comfort elsewhere now that she’s losing both her BFF and her boyfriend.

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