Free nigeria dating with webcam - Can dating a married man work

Apart from the fact that your best friends won't like your new boyfriend, some of them might even start distrusting you.After all, if you can date a married man without any regard for his wife, your bestie might start feeling uncomfortable leaving her boyfriend around you.

4) You are dating a selfish and self-centered man A guy may have led you to believe that he is dating you because of certain problems in his marriage but never forget one thing – behind that charming facade is a man who is selfish and highly self-centered.

He is having a casual relationship with you without any regard for his wife and children.

There is can't be anything more selfish than that guy's urge to seek a sexual relationship at the expense of lying to his wife, betraying her trust, being a bad father and making a mockery of his marriage.

There are many obvious reasons why you should never date a married man.

Apart from being tagged as a home-wrecker, you will never be able to avoid the guilt of robbing another woman of her love, family and home.

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