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Since catching sight of a beautiful face bathes the brain in pleasing chemicals, George Clooney's killer smile is impossible to ignore.But when celebrities are both our intimate daily companions and as distant as the heavens above, it's hard to know just how to think of them.

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It's only natural that we get pulled into their gravitational field.

John Lennon infuriated the faithful when he said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus, but he wasn't the first to suggest that celebrity culture was taking the place of religion.

With its myths, its rituals (the red carpet walk, the Super Bowl ring, the handprints outside Grauman's Chinese Theater) and its ability to immortalize, it fills a similar cultural niche.

A few years ago, Britney Spears and her entourage swept through my boss's office.

As she sashayed past, I blushed and stammered and leaned over my desk to shake her hand.

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