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REED, Secretary of State on behalf of the State of Delaware, has reported to me a list of corporations which for one year next preceding such report have failed to pay taxes assessed against them and due by them under the laws of the State. TRIBBITT, Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby issue this proclamation according to the provisions of Section 511 and 512 of Title 8 of the Delaware Code of 1953; as amended, and do hereby declare under this act of the Legislature that the charters of the following corporations, reported as aforesaid, are repealed: A & H Appliances, Inc.; A & T Welding and Tank Erectors, Inc.; A A A Letter Service, Inc.; A D M Tronics Unlimited, Inc.; A H C Corporation; A T P Acacia Corporation; A.

Avers Diner, Incorporated; B & B Trucking, Inc.; B & C Construction Co., Inc.; B & J, Ltd.; B and B Choppers, Inc.; B C S Liquidating Co.; B.

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and Marilynn Levine Foundation, Inc., The; Artile Center, Inc.; Artistic Productions, Inc.; Aruba Enterprises, Inc.; Ashland Company of N.

S.) Incorporated; Argus Systems, Inc.; Argyle Southern Company; Aries Enterprises, Inc.; Aries Publishing, Inc.; Arlington Carpet Mills, Inc.; Arlo Systems Corporation; Armstrong, Ltd.; Arnco Consolidation and Leasing, Inc.; Aro Plastics, Inc.; Arrow Investment Ltd.; Arrow-Target Media, Incorporated; Arthur J.

Dupta, Inc.; Alger Sales Company; Algerian Wine Company, Inc.; Aliocha Films, Ltd.; All American Broadcasting Corporation; All American Foods, Inc.; All American Success, Inc.; All Florida Carting, Inc.; All Kitchens, Inc.; All Music Corporation; All Seas Chartering, Inc.; All Service Merchandising, Incorporated; All-Motive Services, Inc.; All-State Sports Camps, Inc.; All-State Expo International, Inc.; Allegheny Resources, Inc.; Allen Trading Company; Allenak Inc.; Allerscan, Inc.; Allied Aero Industries, Inc.; Allied Analytical & Research Laboratories, Inc.; Allied Management & Systems Corporation; Allied Modular Industries Company; Allied Services, Ltd.; Alloway Enterprises, Inc.; Almanac Publishing Company; Almarde, Inc.; Aloma 436 Corp.; Alpha Alpha Delta Educational Foundation; Alpha Financial Corporation; Alpha Humanix Corporation; Alpha International Corporation; Alpha Petrol International, Inc.; Alpha Scan, Incorporated; Alpha Sound Studios, Inc.; Alsa, Inc.; Alta-Gulf Oil & Gas Ltd.; Altair Services, Inc.; Altaire Construction Co., Inc.; Am-Mart Inc.; Amalgamated Housing Corporation; Amalgamated Leather Companies, Inc.; Amalgamated Properties, Inc; Amar Leasing Corporation Amazon Development & Holding Corporation; Ambrex Corp.; AMC Medical Business Services, Inc.; America-Asia Company, Southeast Asia Division; American Asian Construction Company; American Audio Group, Inc.; American Be Independent, Inc.; American Biologics Corporation; American Boilerless Steam Engine Corp.; American CATV Network, Inc.; American College of Nutrition, Inc.; American Computer Corporation; American Computer Service, Inc.; American Concrete Pipe Corporation; American Condev Ltd.; American Delta Industries, Inc.; American Discount of Delaware, Inc.; American Family Sales Company; American Fireworks Manufacturers Association; American Foresight of Baltimore, Inc.; American Health and Education Resources, Inc.; American Investment Diversified Services, Inc.; American Investment Realty, Inc.; American Learning Systems Co., Inc.; American Medical Systems, Inc.; American Micro-Circuits, Inc.; American Mint Inc., The; American Modular Communities, Inc.; American Motorcycle Institute, Inc.; American Movers Insurance Services, Inc.; American News Company, The; American Opportunities Unlimited, Inc.; American Optichron Corporation; American Pipe & Investment Corporation; American Plaks International, Inc.; American Pollitrol Corporation; American Protection Centers, Inc.; American Pyrolisis Corporation; American Retirement Planning Associates, Inc.; American Scheduling Installations, Inc.; American Science Corporation; American Suburbia, Inc.; American Telecommunications Co., Inc.; American Towing Company, Inc.; American Trans-East Company; American Trend Fund; American Triad Land Company, Inc.; American Utilities, Inc.; American Variety International, Inc.; American West Enterprises Inc.; American-International Incentive Programs, Inc.; American-International Mortgage Corp.; Americana Petroleum Corporation; Americas Corporation; Ameritech Corporation; Amet, Inc.; Amfish Corp.; Amity, Inc.; Ammermon and Son, Inc.; Ampliphonics of America Corporation; Amtrad Enterprises, Inc.; Anchor Management Corporation; Ancon Resources Corporation; Anderson & Phillips Sales Company, Inc., The; Andrew Scott Associates, Inc.; Angelo Corporation; Anglo International Marketing Corporation; Anico, Inc.; Animal Health Group, Inc.; Anna Elevator, Inc.; Ansel Feeding & Livestock Company; Antelope Broadcasting, Inc.; Antennas for Communications, Inc..; Anthony Bower Fine Arts, Inc.; Anthony Group, Ltd.; Anthony's Mobile Homes, Inc.; Antrex Corporation; ANW, Inc.; Appalachian Corporation; Appleton Imports-Agents, Ltd.; Applied Capital Corporation; Applied Concepts, Inc.; Applied Fluidics of New Jersey, Inc.; Applied Kinematics Leasing Corporation; Applied Library Resources, Inc.; Applied Research Control, Inc.; Applied Research Corporation; Aqua Fem, Inc.; Aquadron, Inc.; Aquanamics Corporation; Aquiculture Gardens, Inc.; ARA International, Inc.; Aran Industries, Inc.; Arces Co.; Arcon-Indus, Ltd.; Arden Concepts, Inc.; Argosy Mining (U.

Inc.; Alca Industries Corporation; Alda Associates, Inc.; Alda Communications Corp.; Alexis Kirk Inc.; Alfred I.

Clark & Sons, Inc.; A-American Leasing Corporation; A-One Security, Inc.; A-Quality Muffler Centers, Inc.; A-36 Corporation; AAA Paperboard Products Co.; AARCO Enterprises Inc.; Aardvark Ltd.; Abbey Resort Communities, Inc.; Abbey-Two, Inc.; ABD Consultants, Inc.; Abe Bass, Inc.; Abitibi Asbestos Corporation; ABS Institute; Academy Royale Theatre, Inc.; Access Construction, Inc.; Accredited Leasing Corp.; Acome Trading Corp.; Acquisition & Merger Institute, Inc.; Actane Gas Company; Active Tank Painting, Inc.; Actors Information Services, Inc.; Ad-Vantage Advertising Company; Ad/Mark, Inc.; Ada Hating Works, Inc.; Adam David Company; Adam David International Sales Corp.; Adams Lime and Gravel Co.; Advance Container Corp.; Advance Investment Development Corporation; Advance Purification Corp.; Advance Rotodyne, Inc.; Advanced Electronic Service Corporation; Advanced Software Resources, Inc.; Advanced Systems Techniques, Inc.; Advantage, Inc.; Adventures in Salesmanship, Inc.; Aero Tech Laboratories, Inc.; Aero-Tech, Inc.; Aerospace Enterprises, Inc.; Aerotronics, Incorporated; Afrik Pharmaceutic& Laboratories, Inc.; Afro Services, Ltd.; Ag-Met, Inc.; Agcom Inc.; Agmac Inc.; Agora-Terra, Inc.; Agricultural Resources Corp.; Agrilease, Inc.; Agro Industries Inc.; Agrotechny Inc.; AH Marketing Corp.; AH-R, Incorporated; Ainwick Properties, Inc.; Air Propulsion Industries, Inc.; Air Transport Holding Corp.; Air-Cushion Industries Incorporated; Air-Dry Corporation of America; Airexec, Inc.; Airline Captains Associates Management, Inc.; Ak-Sar-Ben Group, Inc.; Al-Crete Corporation; Alameda Corporation; Alarm World, Ltd.; Alban Park, Inc.; Alban Tractor Co.

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