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I’m alone tonight and I’m looking for a strapping muscular man to come over because butternut squash is hard to dice,” Anna Kendrick joked earlier this week, in a social media message that has already been liked more than 38,000 times.Lutz then took it upon himself to reply to Anna’s boyfriend request, where he tweeted back a pretty flirty message to his former co-star.

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And kellan lutz dating

Though Anna is yet to reply to Lutz’s flirty message, we’re crossing our fingers that this could be the start of yet another Twilight romance for the ages – let’s just hope this one ends a little better than Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

But if the twosome do end up getting together, we could see the couple taking that big walk down the aisle in the near future.

Just last year, Lutz revealing during an interview with On Air With Ryan Seacrest that he was actually looking for a “wifey.”“[I’m] looking for that wifey,” Lutz revealed at the time, “Man, I want to find my potential wife that I can make those memories with and be engaged with for a couple of years and start that life.”Would you like to see Anna Kendrick and Kellan Lutz team-up as a couple?

Miley Cyrus and "The Legend of Hercules" star Kellan Lutz recently got people talking when they were spotted out in the same place at the same time on different occasions over the last few weeks.

Though fans should take note, the actor is revealing that they are just old pals.

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