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George Watson reports from Highway 80 in Placer County with Caltrans preparing for the snowstorm coming, They also covered a young family headed to Idaho whom were missing for several days and hoped tragedy hadn't hit (James, Jennifer and Clayton Stipola - whom luckily were rescued 3 days later and survived); and how hundreds of cars were buried under the snow.

So Cal physician rescued after being stranded alone in Lake Tahoe snow for 12 hours after falling down a mountainside while skiing.

Lloyd La Cuesta in Oakland covers residents and their snow and frost topped cars.

They have a brief shot of Highway 17 (where a fatal accident happened the night before) and an intersection off Summit Road where he catches himself as he almost slipped on the black ice himself during the story!

On the flipside, a Sunnyvale farmer said he welcomed the cold, as it helps production of cherries since the trees will know when to bloom during the Spring.

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