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Bestselling 'Bring up the Bodies' author Hilary Mantel's venomous attack on Kate Middleton Hilary Mantel calls Duchess of Cambridge 'bland' and 'machine made'Said impression of future queen was 'jointed doll on which rags are hung'go to link and check out who's casting the first stone...

I love when Brits try to tell us the stereotype of their having absolutely hideous teeth is untrue or out of date. I'm sure she'll be a perfectly fine Princess of Wales and then Queen consort one day, but she has no real style and nothing about her grabs the heart.

Just one look at Hilary Mantel's grotesque chompers proves it remains eternally valid. Diana might have had a few emotional screws loose, but she really was a figure everyone felt they knew and loved.

How long before the infidelity scandals start to emerge? That's when it all went downhill for Charles and Diana.

Maybe William will have more sensitivity in the marriage, seeing how Charles humiliated his mother, but I believe Kate will start to get "the itch".

She's been dating this man since she was a freshman in college. The one good thing that can be said about Kate is that she will inject some much needed attractiveness genes into that family tree.

Her husband already looks like a bargain basement version of prince Albert of Monaco.

Even in the pre-marriage Vanity Fair articles, which were invariably puff pieces for the royal family, she came across as a rather vapid party girl who got extremely lucky.

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