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And again, yes, at times it will be very confusing to the audience as to why she’s doing what she’s doing, but it will all made sense in the end.AMANDA: Yes, in fact, one in particular, which is our typical Magnus and Will two-hander that we do every season, and of course it involves a lot of water.So I don’t know what that is, I don’t know why the writers feel like they need to do that to us every year, but…AMANDA: They hate us and torture us, so there is one that is actually, it’s an incredibly intense episode, but so much comes up during the course of this episode, past lives, past transgressions, and it’s…ROBIN: It’s a very brutally truthful episode between the two characters, and the result of it is that all of these things have happened over the course of the season, even previous seasons, and then the repercussions kind of go right into the end of, into the season finale.

Magnus has a big episode with Tesla, and it changes the course of their relationship somewhat. ROBIN: Yes, the audience is going to be shocked by some of the interactions between Magnus and Will this season.

Will and Magnus are on this incredible, you know, she’s still lying to him and they’re at loggerheads a lot, but you can tell at the heart of it all, there’s incredible love between the two characters, and incredible respect. And also I think things like Fugue, are really, really going to be really momentous moments.

But it, I think Robin put it right, this is a bit of a darker season. AMANDA: Yes, I think even our first couple of episodes, like “Tempus” that, the fact that it takes place entirely in Victorian-era England, in such a bizarre set of circumstances is, it’s going to launch the season, I think, quite incredibly.

Robin Dunne was born on November 19, 1976 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

In the Syfy-world, there is a remarkable supernatural/fantasy series that proved that it is possible to make the miraculous leap from webseries to television series.

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