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Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / Counter Thread: Advantages Of Dating A Tall Girl. / A Tall Girl’s Guide To Dating Short Boys (1) (2) (3) (4) I just saw a thread with mostly short girls trying to give themselves hope! / Benefits Of Dating/marrying A Beautiful Woman..........Well it's allowed, but take heart, tall girls rule anytime any day, anywhere.

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Imagine a tall lady with Sharon stones kinda hot legs on mini skirt?

Guys you would release mere thinking of what's under her skirts.3) Tall ladies never feel inferior: you see them always ready to talk in functions, events and what have you! They possess that self confidence anywhere.4) You don't need to bend to kiss us: we are bad like that.

Luckily if u tall as well we make a perfect couple, if u short we bend to kiss u, you cant put your hands around our shoulders to intimidate us, it's actually very romantic when we put our hands around your shoulder and plant a peck on your cheeks!

Short girls ndo, u girls can never do that.5) We are good on bed: forget the portability of short ladies, tall girls with long legs are ready to hang that leg anywhere! Angle 69 is awesome and easy and above all tall girls have really deep cunts,they can take any size of dick very well without feeling any pain duuuh to dem short girls.6) We give our men self confidence: you don't need to start looking for us in the crowd when we go out, we don't need heels.

Have u ever seen a short guy walking with his tall babe? You see that self confidence he has, the look of "even though i'm short my babe is proud of me" and for a tall guy you need to see the way they both oppress the crowd, damn my head is swelling.7) You don't need a stool in your house: we can reach anything without help, we are that good.

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